Beloved stalk of corn growing through sidewalk rescued after uprooting

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Aug. 20 (UPI) -- A stalk of corn that became a local landmark and a viral sensation when it sprouted in a sidewalk crack in a South Dakota city was rescued by a local family after being uprooted and presumed dead.

The "57th Street Corn," named for its location in a crack in a 57th Street sidewalk in Sioux Falls, became a local sensation and a viral star online when residents realized it was a stalk of corn growing in an unusual urban environment.


Residents feared the corn's life had come to an end Wednesday when it was found uprooted in the middle of the sidewalk. Locals created a shrine to the fallen plant, including an "RIP corn" sign placed next to the now-horizontal stalk.

The corn ended up with a new lease on life, however, when Chad Theisen and his children retrieved it and replanted it in a bucket they bought at a local hardware store.

"A local corn-loving crew was quickly dispatched to the scene of the crime and efforts to save the patient began," Theisen said in a Facebook post.

Theisen said he consulted with growing experts and is taking care to help the corn take root in its new bucket home. He said he hopes to eventually replant the corn, which his family named "Cornelia," in a safer location, such as a city park or a government building.


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