California's 95-year-old 'Bicycle Bob' rides his 100,000th mile

Aug. 13 (UPI) -- A 95-year-old California man known to neighbors as "Bicycle Bob" was treated to a celebration after he logged his 100,000th mile of cycling.

Bob Mettauer, known as "Bicycle Bob" to locals, said he took up cycling when he retired in the 1990s and has been logging his miles ever since.


Mettauer logged his 100,000th mile Tuesday and was treated to a celebration by friends and neighbors at Casa Grande Senior Mobile Estates in Santa Maria.

Mettauer said he rides his bike 9 miles every day, regardless of the weather.

The cycling enthusiast said he plans to take a few days to rest after reaching the 100,000 mile mark, but he has no plans to quit his hobby.

"On Sept. 18 I'll be 96 years old, and I'm going to keep on going," he told KEYT-TV.

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