Lucky 'sign' leads man to $630,000 lottery jackpot

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Aug. 3 (UPI) -- An Australian man said "a sign that someone was looking out" turned around his bad luck and led to his winning a lottery jackpot of more than $630,000.

The Lower Plenty, Victoria, man told The Lott officials he had been experiencing a string of bad luck in life until a recent incident indicated to him that things were about to turn around.


"I've been having a bit of a tough year, and I've had a string of bad luck," the man said.

He said the sign of change came when he accidentally left a late family member's pocket knife on top of his car.

"I thought I had lost it, but when I pulled up at my destination after driving for about 40 minutes, it was still sitting there on top of the car," he recalled.

"I was so relieved. I'm not a big believer in life after death and the universe, but I felt like it was a sign that someone was looking out for me."

He said some friends agreed that the incident was a sign his luck was changing.

"I told a few people about the good luck I was experiencing, and they suggested I get a lottery ticket," he said.


The man took his friends' advice and bought a TattsLotto ticket for Saturday's drawing. The ticket earned him a top prize of $634,064.68.

"It's such a good feeling. I don't feel much different other than just feeling good," the winner said. "It feels like my luck is changing."

The winner said the prize money will remove some stress from his life.

"I'll help out a few immediate family members and pay off a few bills of my own," he said. "The main thing is I'll be able to pay off my mortgage, which will save me a lot of stress.

"The win won't solve all my problems, but it solves a hell of a lot."

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