Stolen 300-pound pig statue returned to Oklahoma restaurant

July 21 (UPI) -- The owners of an Oklahoma restaurant said a 300-pound pig statue stolen from outside the eatery has returned weeks later -- albeit missing an ear.

Wayne Perotka, co-owner of Guyutes Restaurant in Oklahoma City, said workers returned to the eatery after the Fourth of July and discovered the pig statue, affectionately known as Jezebel, was missing.


"I'm guessing it was a few people or they probably had a forklift because she's around 300 pounds, she's solid concrete," Perotka told KFOR-TV.

The restaurant put out a public plea for the pig's return, and an anonymous tip last week led to the pig being dropped off across the street from the eatery.

Jezebel is missing an ear, but is otherwise intact, the restaurant said on Facebook.

"We're not pressing any charges or anything like that -- we just want our pig back," Perotka said.

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