Man stacks 485 Jenga blocks in Guinness record-breaking tower

July 10 (UPI) -- An Arizona man broke a Guinness World Record when he stacked 485 Jenga blocks into a tower with a base of a single block standing vertically.

Tai Star Valianti of Pima initially set the record last year with a tower of 353 blocks, but he broke his own record this year thanks to having plenty of time to practice amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


Valianti's technique involves the tower expanding upward and outward at the same time, while the center of the tower remains hollow.

The final result, which Valianti said took about two hours for his most recent creation, has the appearance of an inverted pyramid.

The tower was able to stand on its own for 9 minutes before being demolished by Valianti's young son.

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