Estonian town approves letter sculpture to celebrate dialect

July 6 (UPI) -- An Estonian city with a proud pronunciation history will host a sculpture of the favorite local letter, "Ö," thanks to a compromise between residents and the Road Administration.

The island town of Saaremaa initially celebrated the letter with a sign at the side of the Kuressaare-Kuivastu poking fun at the local tendency to pronounce the Estonian letter "Õ" as the letter "Ö."


The sign was taken down just days after it was erected in May 2019 due to the Road Administration arguing the measurements of the sign did not conform to standards.

The Road Administration and representatives from the municipality negotiated for nearly a year about the sign's potential return, but they have now landed on a compromise: a roadside sculpture of the locally revered "Ö."

"Discussions about the location are still ongoing, but it should be somewhere where visitors can stop and take pictures of this beautiful sculpture," Mark Grimitliht, a Saaremaa architect involved in the project, told Estonian Public Broadcasting.

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