Escaped monkey caught on camera in Missouri

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June 12 (UPI) -- A Missouri woman said she was shocked when an animal ran past her truck and even more surprised when the creature stopped and she was able to identify it as a large monkey.

April Holesapple said she was in her back yard, near Alton in Oregon County, on Tuesday when she saw an animal streak past her truck.


"From behind it, I thought it was a mountain lion because it was orange and white and it had a big long tail. And then it turned its head and I saw clearly that it was a monkey, so I got my phone and I thought, if I don't get this on video, no one is going to believe me," Holesapple told KY3 News.

Holesapple posted a series of videos to Facebook showing the monkey wandering around her property and accepting an offered apple.

She said the monkey resurfaced two days later, so she called the owner of the animal, who had gotten in touch with Holesapple after she posted about the monkey encounter.

Holesapple filmed as the monkey accepted a banana from its owner, who explained she had only purchased the animal from an auction about a week earlier and was concerned the primate would not trust her enough to allow her to pick it up.


The owner said the animal is a 9-year-old Patas monkey and is not aggressive.

Holesapple said the monkey was eventually coaxed back home by its owner.

Missouri law allows for the private ownership of primates, but the animals must be registered with local law enforcement.

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