Woman attempts to rescue uncooperative squirrel from pool

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June 10 (UPI) -- A Texas woman attempting to rescue a squirrel from a backyard kiddie pool received a caught-on-camera fright when the animal jumped and climbed up her body.

The Lumberton woman who recorded the footage said she spotted the squirrel stranded in her granddaughter's inflatable pool, so she summoned her daughter outside to assess the situation.


"Of course, being the animal lover she is, she had to attempt a rescue," the filmer wrote.

The video shows the filmer warning the younger woman not to touch the squirrel, so the rescuer attempts to use a chair to scoop the small animal out of the water.

The squirrel initially dodges the chair, but finally gets scooped up. It appears that the squirrel is about to return to dry land, but it abruptly leaps off the chair and climbs up the woman's body.

The woman panics and flees, and the squirrel falls back into the water.

"She came away with a scratch on her arm, and after a cautious second attempt, she did indeed rescue the squirrel," the filmer wrote.

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