Artist's 0.35-inch chess board unofficially breaks world record

June 9 (UPI) -- A Turkish artist specializing in micro-sculpture said he unofficially broke a Guinness World Record by creating a chess set on a board measuring 0.35 inches by 0.35 inches.

Necati Korkmaz said his tiny chess set, which is two times smaller than the current Guinness World Record holder, took about six months of working for six hours a day to create.


Korkmaz said his microscopic chess set is completely usable -- but players would need a microscope to see the board and special sticks he created to move the tiny pieces.

The artist, who has more than 40 micro-sculptures on display at the Necati Korkmaz Micro Miniature Art Center and Exhibition Area in Kusadasi, Turkey, said he is submitting evidence to Guinness to have his set officially recognized as the world's smallest.

The current record-holder is a chess set on a board measuring 0.6 inches by 0.6 inches. It was built by U.S. artist Ara Ghazaryan.

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