Liquor store's serial burglar identified as endangered quoll

June 3 (UPI) -- An Australian hotel said the burglar that repeatedly triggered security alarms at the business' liquor store was finally identified by security cameras as a rare and endangered animal: a northern quoll.

Stewart Gibson, director of the Bungalow Hotel in Cairns, Queensland, said he received late night calls from the business' security company on multiple occasions to let him know the alarms had been triggered at the hotel's liquor store.


"Every night at 2, 3, 4 in the morning we'd be getting these calls from our alarm company, so I'd drag myself out of bed, go to the bottle shop and no one was there, " Gibson told the Australian Broadcasting Corp.

Gibson said at first he thought the store's alarm system was faulty, until on a recent night the security cameras managed to capture footage of the intruder: a northern quoll.

The northern quoll is an endangered, tree-climbing marsupial rarely spotted in urban areas.

"Clearly, he likes having a drink at the hotel," Gibson joked.

Gibson said he has been in contact with environmental authorities and plans are being made to capture the quoll and relocate it to a more suitable habitat.


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