Stowaway cat takes 750-mile trip in neighbor's moving truck

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June 1 (UPI) -- An Australian woman was reunited with her cat after the pet stowed away on a neighbor's moving truck and took a journey of more than 700 miles.

Georgia Whipp of Longreach, Queensland, said her neighbors moved out Friday night, and she noticed about a half hour after the moving truck left that her cat, P-Puss, was missing.


Whipp said she was especially concerned when the feline didn't show up for breakfast the next morning.

"I was wondering if she did get into the truck, because she gets into cars if someone's parked out the front and left their windows down," she told the Australian Broadcasting Corp.

Whipp contacted the moving company that helped her neighbors and received word later in the day that drivers had located P-Puss at the truck depot in Brisbane, nearly 750 miles from home.

She said a second call came in from the company a half hour later, informing her that the cat had escaped from the container.

Whipp said the employees caught P-Puss again the next night when the cat tripped security alarms.

A Facebook post Whipp put up seeking help transporting P-Puss home came to the attention of Loz Batley, president of the Central Queensland Animal Society in Rockhampton.


Batley was able to find volunteers to drive P-Puss back home to Longreach.

"I didn't think we'd see her again after she escaped in Brisbane," Whip said. "I'm really happy she's back and so thankful for everyone who's helped get her back to Longreach. I can't believe it's a happy ending."

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