Soldier's letter home from Vietnam delivered 52 years later

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May 29 (UPI) -- An Indiana woman said she was surprised when a letter her brother sent while serving in the Vietnam War finally made its way to her after 52 years.

Janice Tucker said an envelope postmarked May 10, 2020, arrived at her home in North Vernon last week and she was shocked to discover it contained a letter her brother, William Lone, had sent to her while he was serving in Vietnam in 1968.


"So, I called my brother. He lives in South Carolina. I read the letter to him and he said, 'I remember writing that letter to you,'" Tucker told WHAS-TV.

Lone said he remembered putting the letter in an envelope, affixing a 5-cent stamp and handing it off to another soldier to mail to his sister at the family's then-home in Floyds Knobs, Ind.

Tucker said the letter was not in the original envelope when it arrived at her home, indicating someone had found it and tracked her down at her current address.

"The fact that this letter came to me 52 years later by way of Indy is a real mystery to me," Tucker said. "This is not the original envelope. Someone found this and found out who I was."


She said the envelope didn't contain many clues about the letter's long journey.

"Thank you to whoever found this letter, thank you to whoever sent it to me, but most of all, thanks to my brother for being a big brother that I didn't really love and appreciate until I got older. And this letter just makes me want to honor him more," she said.

Tucker said she is hoping to find out who mailed the letter to her home so she can thank them and find out what happened to the letter in between being mailed in 1968 and arriving at her home last week.

A Canadian man had a piece of mail take a shorter, but no less mysterious route to his home this month. Elliot Berinstein said a Canada Post delivery worker left the package from on his Toronto doorstep May 6.

The package contained a hair product he had ordered from the website in 2012. The Canada Post said officials are investigating the package's 8-year journey.

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