YouTubers break Guinness World Record with Iftar livestream

May 21 (UPI) -- A group of six Saudi Arabian YouTubers set aGuinness World Record when more than 180,000 people tuned in for an Iftar livestream.

YouTube personalities Mohamed Moshaya, Noor Stars, The Saudi Reporters, Anasala Family, Asrar Aref and Omar Hussein came together Tuesday to host a livestream Iftar, the evening meal that ends the daily Ramadan fast for Muslims.


Guinness later said the hour-long event broke a world record when it logged 183,544 concurrent viewers.

"Ramadan is usually a time where friends and family gather in mosques and homes to break the fast and pray together," said Mohamed Moshaya, who hosted the Iftar stream on his channel.

"However, with this global pandemic, Ramadan this year feels very different. ... I decided to enlist a couple of my friends in the YouTube community to come together and turn this moment of isolation into celebration," he said.

"The livestream was truly amazing and it was moving to see so many in our communities participate. It was such a proud moment when Guinness World Records said we set a new title with over 180,000 concurrent viewers," Moshaya said.


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