Wandering cows stampede through streets of Welsh town

May 21 (UPI) -- A wandering herd of cows -- one with a plastic chair stuck over its head -- paraded into a Welsh town and ended up stampeding through the streets.

Noah Williamson, 12, captured video of the herd stampeding through Southgate, Gower, after he and his brother fled to get out of the way of the oncoming animals.


The video shows the cows running through the street, with one of the bovines toward the rear moving a little slower due to a plastic chair being stuck over its head.

Angharad Williams said the cows belong to her uncle, who is out of town. She said the herd is known to roam, but the stampede through town was unusual.

She said the cow with the plastic chair on its head was able to shake itself free of it when the herd headed back toward its usual grazing area.

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