Man dons 10 T-shirts to win Guinness challenge, set world record

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May 18 (UPI) -- In Idaho man set a new world record as the winner of a Guinness World Records weekly challenge by putting on 10 T-shirts only 15.61 seconds.

David Rush, who has broken more than 100 Guinness records to promote STEM education, participated in Guinness' weekly "#GWRchallenge" on social media, which called on people around the world to film themselves attempting the record for fastest time to put on 10 T-shirts.


The challenge saw multiple people from across the globe attempting to don the shirts while complying with Guinness' rules, which banned the use of v-neck or button-collar shirts for the challenge.

Rush was declared the weekly champion and a new record holder with a time of 15.61 seconds, which he said fell short of his personal goal of 15 seconds.

Rush said it was difficult to practice for the challenge, because sweat would cause his skin to become too sticky and he would have to take breaks to cool off again.

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