Veterinarians remove 4-inch metal fork from dog's esophagus

April 29 (UPI) -- A veterinary clinic in Australia shared video from the unusual case of a golden retriever puppy that swallowed a 4-inch-long metal fork.

The Adelaide Animal Emergency & Referral Center said owners Michael and Elise Pitt contacted the clinic Monday to report their dog, Dustin, may have swallowed an entire fork while raiding a dinner plate.


Dr. Matt Woodruff, a veterinarian at the clinic, said he was shocked when he saw the X-ray photos of the fork lodged in Dustin's esophagus.

"If I didn't have my training, I would've been concerned that someone had doctored the photo," Woodruff told 7News.

The veterinary team was able to use an endoscope to remove the fork through Dustin's mouth.

"It was surprising, the first time I've seen a dog eat a utensil," Woodruff said.

Dustin was found to be free from injury once the fork was removed and he was sent home with his owners.

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