Georgia man seeks Guinness record for Lego 'Star Wars' collection

April 29 (UPI) -- A Georgia man who has collected more than 620 unique Lego Star Wars sets said he is now seeking Guinness World Records recognition for his collection.

Matt Hines said he first started collecting the Star Wars-themed brick building sets in 1999, when his then-girlfriend bought him his first set. He now owns nearly 1,200 sets, including more than 620 unique sets.


Hines said there are only about 40 Lego Star Wars sets that he doesn't own, but those are extremely rare and he believes he is unlikely to find them.

The collector said he is now seeking a Guinness World Record for his collection. The current record stands at 378 unique sets, which his collection nearly doubles.

"If I'm gonna set it, might as well make it almost unbreakable," Hines told WRDW-TV.

He said his collection will continue to grow in the meantime.

"The Mandalorian TV series that came out for Disney+, they have two sets that are pre-ordered that come out in September, I already have them paid for and ordered. They'll be here in September," Hines said.


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