Firefighters in Britain said they were repeatedly called to the same area to rescue sheep that wandered into a river and got stuck in the mud.


The Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue Service said that firefighters from Whittlesey, Dogsthorpe and Stanground first responded to the pumping station on Eldernell Lane, near Coates, about 8:15 p.m. Tuesday to rescue a sheep that wandered into the muddy water.

The firefighters returned the sheep to its owner, but they were again called to the same location about 3 p.m. Wednesday to rescue six sheep that ended up stuck in the mud.

Firefighters responded a third time later Wednesday when two more sheep were spotted stranded in the muddy water.

Officials said the animals were likely drawn in by the seemingly low water level in the river and ended up getting stuck in the mud.

"They won't be pulling the wool over our eyes anymore. Preventative measures have been put in place to hopefully stop them getting into any more trouble," the Fire & Rescue service said in a Facebook post.

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