Goat with two faces born at Wisconsin farm

April 15 (UPI) -- A Wisconsin farm is celebrating the birth of a highly unusual animal: a goat with two faces.

Jocelyn Nueske of Nueske Farms in Wittenberg said the baby was born April 5 and was dubbed Janus, after the two-headed Roman god.


Nueske said Janus appears to be healthy, despite his side-by-side twin mouths and four eyes.

"They weren't sure if the middle eyes worked. But they were positive about the outside eyes working," Neuske told WLUK-TV of the veterinarians who examined Janus.

"He's a normal goat. We just have to help him. We try to help him as much as we can, and give him a break when he gets tired," she said.

She said Janus has been a big hit with visitors to the farm's Facebook page.

Nueske, who has operated her goat farm for six years, said she didn't even know it was possible for a goat to be born with two faces.

"I've heard of two-headed cows, and lizards, but not a goat," Nueske said.

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