Thieving squirrel takes candy from family's front porch

April 14 (UPI) -- A family who suspected a care package outside their door had been raided by a porch pirate reviewed security camera footage and discovered the culprit was a thieving squirrel.

The filmer said his son's mother is a healthcare worker and can't currently spend time with their child due to coronavirus fears, so she dropped off an Easter-themed care package on their front stoop.


The man said it appeared that some candy eggs had been stolen out of the package, so he checked security camera footage, expecting to see a neighborhood child raiding the sweets.

"I checked the security cameras to see what kid stole the candy and the surprise suspect is 12 inches tall," the man wrote.

The footage shows a thieving squirrel rooting through the package and running off with several pieces of candy.

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