Woman in-line skates backward in heels for Guinness record

March 31 (UPI) -- A Canadian circus performer was awarded a Guinness World Record when she strapped on a pair of high-heeled inline skates and skated 328 feet in 21.52 seconds -- while facing backward.

Guinness announced Bianca Rossini captured the record for fastest 328 feet on high-heeled inline skates (backwards).


Rossini, an experienced figure skater, said she practiced for weeks before attempting the record. She said it took some work to acclimate herself to the 5-inch heels on her in-line skates.

"I've always striven in life to be a strong inspiration woman. And what I've always wanted to do was to combine my feminine side (the high heel), with my strength -- which was skating. And I always want to create and portray the balance of having strength, and not having to let go of your feminine side," Rossini said.

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