Message in a bottle travels from Germany to Ireland

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March 27 (UPI) -- A bottle with a message inside from Germany was discovered in Cork, Ireland, after spending 19 years at sea.

The bottle was found Thursday in Glengariff Woods but the writing on the message is hard to read due to water damage.


The Glengariff Nature Reserve uploaded a photo of the message onto Twitter, asking for help in further deciphering it. The message was sent on April 5, 2001.

"Greetings from Germany to the seaman who found this bottle!" the message reads but the last part, which includes an email address to contact the sender, is hard to make out.

Some observers have sent out emails to addresses that they think match what's in the latter.

A British man walking his dog on a beach in February discovered a message in a bottle that had been at sea for nearly 82 years. The letter included an address, but when contacted, a new resident had moved in.

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