Ink spill at factory turns Ontario creek bright red

March 25 (UPI) -- An Ontario creek spotted flowing with bright red water was contaminated by ink that spilled from a factory, officials said.

Hikers in Mississauga captured video showing the Etobicoke Creek flowing with red water Tuesday, and the video posted online quickly led discussion of biblical parallels.


Peel Public Works investigated the footage and determined the cause was something less than divine -- an ink spill at a factory in North Mississauga. The agency said more than 100 gallons of ink had spilled into the creek.

"An accident occurred at a factory and the ink spilled," public works officials tweeted.

The agency said personnel from the Ministry of the Environment and Conservation and Parks were working on cleaning up the spill.

"The creek was checked and there were no dead fish or other wildlife seen by either Peel staff, Ministry of Environment or Conservation and Parks staff," Peel Public Works said.

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