Escaped cow causes chaos on Virginia highway

March 25 (UPI) -- A busy stretch of highway in Virginia was brought to a stand-still when a cow jumped out of a livestock trailer and went running down the roadway.

Virginia Department of Transportation traffic cameras were recording Tuesday afternoon as Virginia State Police troopers and other personnel chased after the loose bovine on Interstate 64 in Chesapeake.


The Chesapeake Fire Department said it took the combined efforts of firefighters, state troopers, the Chesapeake Police Department, the Chesapeake Fire Marshall's Office and the Virginia Department of Transportation to wrangle the loose animal after it ran down the interstate for more than a mile.

The cow's run caused traffic delays on both the eastbound and westbound sides of the highway, officials said.

Investigators determined the cow had jumped out of a livestock trailer being pulled by a pickup truck. The animal, which was not injured, was returned to its owner.

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