Giant Burmese python found on Australian woman's porch

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March 24 (UPI) -- An Australian snake catcher was summoned to a Queensland home where a resident made a shocking discovery -- a 14.8-foot albino Burmese python on her front porch.

Tony Harrison of Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catcher said a woman discovered the massive snake on her front porch Monday and summoned him to the scene.


Harrison said the 110-pound snake was the largest animal he has been called to capture in his 26 years of operating his business. He said it was his second-ever call for a Burmese python, a species banned in Australia due to their invasive nature.

The snake catcher told CNN the python was clearly an escaped pet, as it was a "gentle giant" that he dubbed a "pussycat."

"It's been kept in captivity its whole life," he said.

Harrison said he turned the big snake over to local authorities.

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