Soccer freestyler juggles ball across 50-mile Siberian lake

March 17 (UPI) -- A British soccer freestyler set a world record when he walked 50 miles across a Siberian like while juggling a soccer ball with his feet, knees, chest and head.

John Farnworth, 34, who previously set a Guinness World Record when he performed "keepie uppies" across .61 miles of the Saharah desert, spent 48 hours juggling the soccer ball across Lake Baikal, the world's largest frozen lake.


Farnworth said in a Facebook post that the accomplishment was "the hardest 48 hour period I've experienced."

He is believed to have broken a Guinness record on the second day of the challenge for farthest distance covered juggling a football on ice in one hour. He traveled a distance of about 3 miles in a single hour.

Farnworth's endurance challenge raised funds for Cancer Research UK. He said the stunt was inspired by his friendship with AJ Foster, 36, who was diagnosed with lymphoma three years ago.

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