Man brings tux-wearing llama to sister's wedding

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March 4 (UPI) -- An Ohio man made his sister into a viral star when he made good on a 5-year-old threat to bring a tuxedo-clad llama as his plus-one to her wedding.

Mendl Weinstock, 21, said he was on a road trip with his older sister, Riva, and some friends about five years ago when his then-single sibling started speculating about the details of her eventual wedding.


"I said, 'If you make me come to this wedding, I'm going to bring a llama with me," he told CNN. "It was just the first thing that popped into my head."

Riva Weinstock became engaged in October and shortly after the phone call where she told her brother about the news, she received a text message confirmation that Mendl had booked a llama rental.

"When my brother puts his mind to something, he gets it done. So at some point I had to accept it and decide that it was easier to get in on the joke than to fight it," she said.

Mendl Weinstock posted a photo to Reddit of the resulting scene -- a tuxedo-clad llama standing next to his unamused sister in her bridal gown.


The bride said she is planning retribution, possibly at her brother's upcoming college graduation.

"I've definitely started planning my revenge," she said. "He should sleep with one eye open."

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