'Burglar' in basement of Washington state home was a young deer

March 4 (UPI) -- Wildlife officers in Washington state said authorities were called to a home on a report of a breaking and entering and discovered the perpetrator was a confused deer.

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Police said a woman who was home alone summoned sheriff's deputies to her home when she heard a basement window shatter followed by loud noises inside her home.


The department said deputies arrived "ready to confront the burglar" and were surprised to find the intruder was a young female deer that crashed through the window.

"The deputies realized they were not adequately prepared to deal with the intruder and requested help from Fish and Wildlife," the department said.

Two wildlife officers arrived and located the doe in a dark storage room in the basement. They were able to tranquilize the deer and transport it to a nearby field.

"After receiving a stern talking to for her mischievous conduct, she was not charged with breaking and entering," the department said. "The doe was relieved to have only received a warning and trotted away happily."

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