Goat makes trouble inside Oregon group home

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March 2 (UPI) -- Police in Oregon responded to an adult group home where a goat had come inside and acted in a threatening manner, causing residents to barricade themselves inside a room.

Charles Roberts, a resident at the group home in northeast Portland, said he spotted the goat wandering around a nearby busy street and guided the animal out of the roadway.


He said the encounter started out pleasant, but the goat followed him inside the group home and started attempting to head-butt residents.

The residents locked themselves inside a room away from the goat and called police.

"Being a police officer for 20 years, you see and go to a lot of calls and see a lot of crazy things, but when I first saw this and heard it on the radio, didn't think it was real. We thought somebody was a little intoxicated, maybe had a little too much," Officer Eric Zajac said told KPTV.

Zajac was able to capture the goat with a leash and walk it to a nearby farm, which had agreed to keep an eye on the animal until its owner could be found.


Police said they later identified the goat's owner, who told officers the goat is an escape artist named Prince.

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