More than 150 snakes removed from under Colorado couple's deck

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Feb. 28 (UPI) -- A Colorado couple who kept finding snakes in and around their home called in experts, who removed more than 150 of the reptiles from a large den under their back deck.

Shaynon McFadden and Royce Robins said their bought their Elizabeth home in November 2018, and the following spring they started noticing snakes popping up from between the wooden slats of their back deck.


The couple said they noticed as the months went on that snakes were appearing in their yard, around the foundation and even inside their home.

McFadden and Robins hired an exterminator, who found more than 150 snakes living in a large den under their back deck. The snakes were safely removed and relocated.

The couple said cost of the snake removal, including the costs of a new deck and shed, came to about $8,000. They said they were not warned about snakes when they purchased the home.

There are more than 30 species of snakes living in Colorado, including multiple species of garter snakes, which are all non-venomous and not considered dangerous to humans.

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