Man gives CPR to gecko found drowning in beer

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Feb. 17 (UPI) -- An Australian man may have saved a lizard's life when he fished it out of his beer at a pub and performed CPR on the seemingly lifeless animal.

The customer named Brett, known to his friends as Slab, said he initially thought staff at The Amble Inn in Corindi Beach, New South Wales, were playing a prank on him when he spotted a gecko in his mug of beer.


Brett said he sprung into action when workers assured him they had nothing to do with the lizard and he scooped it out of the beverage.

The gecko wasn't moving, so Brett started performing chest compressions on the lizard while a friend filmed video of his rescue attempt.

The video shows Brett doing compressions and blowing air into the gecko's mouth before it starts to move again.

It was unclear whether the gecko had merely been playing dead as a defense mechanism.

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