Fisherman finds apparent SpaceX parachutes, capsule door off Florida coast

Feb. 7 (UPI) -- The captain of a charter fishing boat in Florida shared video of his unusual recent catch: two parachutes and a capsule door from the SpaceX Dragon Crew launch.

David Stokes said he was fishing with some friends last week about 32 miles off the coast of Daytona Beach when he found the two large parachutes with that appears to be a capsule door still attached.


Stokes said the door appears to be from the SpaceX Dragon Crew capsule. The discovery came about 10 days after SpaceX deliberately exploded a rocket.

He posted a video of the discovery to YouTube.

Stokes said he has attempted to contact SpaceX and tagged Elon Musk in a tweet about the discovery in the hopes of bringing it to their attention.

"I'd like for SpaceX to come check it out to see what they think about it ... any damage to it," Stokes told WKMG-TV. "It would also be awesome to have Elon Musk autograph it."

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