Glitch results in Ohio couple receiving 55,000 identical letters

Feb. 4 (UPI) -- An Ohio couple received 55,000 identical letters at the same time due to a glitch in the system of a student loan company.

Dan Cain of Twinsburg said the clerk at a Twinsburg Post Office told him during a recent visit that all of his mail wouldn't fit through the front door, so he pulled around back and was presented with 55,000 identical letters from College Avenue Student Loans.


The letters, from College Avenue Student Loans, contained a statement for the student loan Cain and his wife, Dee, had taken out for their daughter.

The loan company said the letters were sent erroneously as a result of a system glitch.

Cain said the company told him the statement inside the letters was incorrect and they will be sending a corrected statement.

Cain said he is now mulling what to do with the 55,000 incorrect statements.

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