Friends play Uno in the road during long red light

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Jan. 27 (UPI) -- A viral video highlights the traffic woes in a Florida city by showing a group of friends sitting down for a game of cards during a long red light.

The video, recorded and posted to TikTok by Dylan Kjos, shows three of his friends sitting on folding chairs at a tray table in the middle of a Cape Coral road, playing a round of card game Uno while waiting at a red light.


"They were probably out there for a good 45 seconds, a minute. And then we rushed back into the truck, thinking that the light was about to change. And we still sat in the truck for about another minute," Kjos told WBBH-TV.

Kjos and his friends said they were aiming to poke fun at the local traffic, which they said is particularly slow during the winter.

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