Man finds box of $27,000 outside Michigan credit union

Jan. 23 (UPI) -- A Michigan man leaving the drive-through ATM at a credit union investigated a plastic box in the middle of a road and discovered it contained $27,000.

George Condash said he was leaving the Westland Federal Credit Union in Westland when he spotted the plastic box in the roadway.


"Well, first, I just thought it was trash. For some reason it hit me that, 'Why don't I just pick this up so no one else has to swerve around it?'" Condish told WDIV-TV.

Condish discovered the box was an ATM cassette full of cash. Security video from the credit union shows Condish picking up the box and carrying it inside.

"I picked it up and noticed a tag that said it was $40,000," he said. "I said, 'Is there a reward for $40,000?' And I put it on their counter and they just looked dumbfounded."

The box, which actually only contained $27,000, had mistakenly been left in the roadway by an armored truck security guard.

"It's not mine and any honest person, I would hope, would take it back in," Condash said.

Condash said the credit union did give him a reward for his honesty.


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