Two record-breaking fish reeled in by West Virginia anglers

Jan. 17 (UPI) -- West Virginia officials said a pair of anglers broke state records in the first two weeks the year with a 53.1-inch grass carp and a 49.84-inch blue catfish.

The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources said Zachary Adkins of Cabins broke a state record Jan. 3 when he went fishing at Warden Lake in Hardy County and reeled in the 53.1-inch grass carp, which beat a 50.75-inch carp caught in 2005.


The division said the fish weighed in at 59 pounds, falling short of the record of 71.69 pounds.

A second record was beaten Jan. 11, when Justin Conner of Culloden reeled in a 49.84-inch, 58.38 pound blue catfish from the Ohio River in Mason County.

The fish was more than 2 inches over the previous state record, but fell short of the 59.74-pound record for weight.

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