Coyote runs through traffic in busy Chicago shopping area

Jan. 3 (UPI) -- A Chicago couple captured video of an unusual visitor to a city street -- a coyote that darted through traffic in a busy shopping area.

Suzan Occhipinti said her husband was loading their baby's stroller into the car this week near the Pottery Barn off North and Sheffield avenues, in the Clybourn Corridor area, when the coyote brushed against his leg.


Occhipinti took video of the coyote as it darted through busy traffic, narrowly evaded being struck by cars, and fled into the industrial area behind a nearby Binny's Beverage Depot store.

The encounter happened just days after four coyote sightings were reported in the Cabrini-Green area. It was unclear whether the same animal was responsible for all of the incidents.

A coyote was previously caught on camera in September 2019 in the Chicago suburbs. The video recorded by a Villa Park family's home security camera shows a coyote chasing the family's 5-year-old daughter through the yard. The coyote did not bite the girl.

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