Student opens Museum of Hangovers in Croatia

By Ben Hooper
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Dec. 26 (UPI) -- A Croatian university student said swapping stories with friends gave him the idea for the country's newest attraction: the Museum of Hangovers.

Rino Dubokovic, a student in Zagreb, said he was sharing stories of drunken mishaps with friends when he came up with the idea for a museum chronicling unusual hangover stories and displaying objects related to those experiences.


The Museum of the Hangover, which opened its doors this month, features exhibits including a collection of unusual items people found after a night of heavy drinking, a "beer goggles" reflex-testing room and an interactive area where visitors can share their own hangover experiences.

Dubokovic said the aim of the museum is not to glorify heavy drinking, but rather to create a bond between people based on their strange hangover experiences.

"In the future, we want to make people aware of the bad things related to alcohol," he told CNN.


Dubokovic said he is hoping to secure funding to expand the museum and make it a permanent attraction in the city.

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