Dog steals package from Oklahoma woman's front porch

Ben Hooper

Dec. 23 (UPI) -- An Oklahoma woman whose package went missing from her porch checked security camera footage and identified the culprit -- her neighbor's dog.

Debbie Goines said a Christmas gift her sister mailed from California went missing from her front porch, so she checked the doorbell camera footage and saw a large white dog walking off with the package.


Goines said she contacted a neighbor and discovered the canine was Max, her neighbor's dog.

She said the package turned out to be something very attractive to canines -- jerky and other foods.

The dog is not the first animal to be found responsible for a package theft -- a resident of the San Pedro neighborhood in Los Angeles shared security camera footage of a squirrel dragging a package away from their front door.

The resident said the squirrel was spotted by a passer-by who retrieved the package and returned it to the home.

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