Squirrel comes down chimney, leads Ohio family on chase

Ben Hooper

Dec. 19 (UPI) -- An Ohio family shared video of the chaos caused inside their home when a squirrel came down the chimney and evaded capture in the living room.

Haylie Ferguson said she and her husband, Mitch, initially thought there was a bird inside the fireplace of their Canton home when they heard unusual noises Friday, but a closer investigation found a squirrel was trapped behind the glass screen.


The couple enlisted the help of Mitch Ferguson's father, Mitch Sr., and Haylie filmed while the two men tried to get the squirrel out of the fireplace.

The video shows the squirrel giving the two men the slip and leading them on a chase around the living room.

Haylie Ferguson said the squirrel visited the home's bathroom and basement before finally being captured and carried outside.

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