Lost engagement ring found in car detailer's vacuum

By Ben Hooper
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Dec. 18 (UPI) -- A car detailing business owner in Texas said he was having some problems with his vacuum so he opened it up and discovered the problem -- a customer's lost engagement ring.

Gregory Weatherford, owner of Mr. G's Mobile Car Wash and Detailing in Frisco, said his vacuum wasn't working properly, so he disassembled it and made an unexpected discovery.


"I happened to be fumbling around and I looked down, and I see this ring," he told WFAA-TV.

Weatherford said he ended up sending text messages to 70 different customers seeking the owner of the ring.

Michelle Seale said she was about to break the news to her husband that the ring was gone when she received Weatherford's message.

"I sent her a picture and she was like, 'Oh my God!" Weatherford said.

Seale said the news came as a big relief.

"I was super excited," Seale said. "And I got to tell my husband I lost it but it was found!"

A city worker in Lincoln, Neb., helped facilitate a similar reunion this week when a woman realized she had accidentally tossed her wedding ring into a dumpster at a recycling facility. Ryan Becker climbed into the dumpster and was able to return the ring to a grateful Alex Fraser.


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