Police chase elusive chickens through West Virginia parking lot

Ben Hooper

Dec. 6 (UPI) -- Police and animal control officers went on a chicken chase in the parking lot of a West Virginia business and the scene was caught on camera by a witness.

Brooke Preston, who works at Perry Morris Square in Milton, said she spotted the chickens in the parking lot in front of a Tobacco Barn store when she arrived for work Wednesday morning.


"I saw chickens crossing the road," she told WSAZ-TV. "They hung out all day long."

Preston captured video Wednesday afternoon of police and animal control officers chasing after the chickens, which managed to elude capture for a time. The video was shared by police on Facebook.

"I thought it was pretty comical," Preston said. "It added some comical value to our day."

Animal control officers were eventually able to net the chickens and police said they were released into a nearby wooded area.

Milton Police Chief Joe Parsons said witnesses reported seeing someone abandon the chickens and drive off in the early hours Wednesday.

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