Florida boy, 7, knocked off surfboard by jumping shark

By Ben Hooper
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Dec. 3 (UPI) -- A 7-year-old surfer in Florida was knocked off his board by a shark that jumped out of the water and the moment was caught on video.

Chandler Moore of Orlando was surfing in New Smyrna Beach during the weekend when his GoPro camera recorded the moment that a shark came out of the water and swept across his surfboard, knocking the boy into the water.


"I was just surfing and then I saw two fish," Moore told CNN. "I thought the thing that hit me was a fish."

It wasn't until Moore and his parents reviewed the footage from the camera mounted to his surfboard that they discovered the culprit was a shark.

The boy's father, Shawn Moore, said it appeared to be a small blacktip shark.

Chandler Moore said he isn't afraid to get back into the water.

"I still have no concerns. So basically, I want to keep surfing some more," he told WESH-TV.

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