Hikers with metal detector find lost wedding ring on mountain

Ben Hooper

Nov. 27 (UPI) -- A pair of hikers armed with a metal detector managed to find the wedding ring another man dropped during a 10-mile hike on a New Hampshire mountain.

Massachusetts resident Bill Giguere put a plea for help on Facebook when he discovered his wedding ring had apparently fallen off while he was hiking Mount Hancock.


The post in the hiking group caught the attention of Tom Gately, who set out on a mission to find the ring with fellow hiker Brendan Cheever and a metal detector.

The men got some tips from Giguere on the probable location of the ring and Gately was able to find the ring in the snow using the metal detector.

Gately and Cheever, who also live in Massachusetts, presented the ring to Giguere during a meet-up Tuesday night.

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