112-year-old message in a bottle found inside college wall

By Ben Hooper
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Nov. 26 (UPI) -- Workers conducting renovations at a New Jersey college made a discovery inside a wall -- a message in a bottle from the structure's original builders in 1907.

Montclair State University said workers doing renovations at the Newark school's College Hall found the 112-year-old message in a bottle concealed inside a wall.


"This is to certify that this wall was built by two bricklayers from Newark, N.J., by the names of William Hanly and James Lennon, members of No. 3 of the B.M.I.U. of America," the message reads.

Robert Kanaby, one of the workers conducting the renovations, said the bottle and message were discovered when he hit an unusual void in the wall and heard the sound of the bottle's glass breaking.

"Someone always wants to leave some kind of message, even if it is just initials, or a small artifact hidden in the work," Montclair historian Mike Farrelly said. "They want it to be hidden so the owners or bosses don't get angry, but there is always a glimmer of hope that someone will find it one day."

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