Narwhal the 'furry unicorn' puppy has extra tail on his face

Ben Hooper

Nov. 14 (UPI) -- A puppy in the care of a Missouri nonprofit is going viral after photos and videos posted online showed the extra tail he has growing out of his face, making him a "furry unicorn."

Mac's Mission, a Cape Girardeau dog rescue nonprofit, said the puppy was dubbed Narwhal the Little Magical Furry Unicorn after being found living on the streets with frostbite Saturday.


The 10-week-old puppy had a growth on his forehead described as an extra tail growing in the wrong spot.

Narwhal has become a viral star after photos and videos were posted to social media, and his pictures were shared by popular Twitter account WeRateDogs.

The rescue said Narwhal's frostbite is healing nicely and he appears to be in good health, save for some common worms that are being cleared up with treatment.

The puppy's viral fame has led to an influx of attention from animal lovers seeking to adopt Narwhal.

"Everyone is super interested in him," a Mac's Mission representative told CNN. "We are hopeful they are seeing the other available dogs as well!"

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