Escaped emu returned to owner in British town

By Wade Sheridan
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Nov. 13 (UPI) -- An escaped emu who was on the run in Camrose, Pembrokeshire, has been returned to its owner Mark Boulcott of Herbrandston & Narberth Dental Health Practices.

The 5-foot Australian bird was spotted a mile away from his home by two horse riders who notified Boulcott.


The emu was reported missing recently with the British business owner asking neighbors to keep any eye out for his pet who is one of six emus he owns.

Liam Boulcott, the son of Mark Boulcott, previously said he believes the skittish but friendly emu escaped by jumping a fence.

"He was found by two horse riders around a mile away from his home. Whilst very tired he has been brought home and seems to be recovering well," the Facebook page for Herbrandston & Narbeth Dental Health Practices said alongside photos of the emu.

"Our sincerest thanks to everyone for sharing the message and helping us to track you down!" they continued.

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