Iowa pig does 13 tricks in one minute for Guinness record

By Ben Hooper
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Nov. 1 (UPI) -- An Iowa movie theater owner's pig was issued a Guinness World Records certificate for completing 13 tricks in one minute.

Dawn Bleeker, owner of the Capitol II Theater in Newton, said Joy the pig has been entertaining theater visitors with her tricks for years.


"I never thought I would own a pig that broke world records, but Joy's whole life is basically never knowing what I am getting myself into," Bleeker told the Des Moines Register. "To me, she's still just my beloved pet."

Guinness required that each trick be initiated by a different command from Bleeker. She said her own participation in the record attempt almost ruined Joy's chances.

"I probably goofed up the first two. I was a nervous wreck," Bleeker said. "Seconds into the first try, I screwed it up."

Joy managed to complete 13 tricks on her third and final allowed attempt. The evidence from the required witnesses was reviewed by Guinness and Bleeker and Joy were issued a certificate for the achievement.

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