Raccoons invade Arkansas State University library

Ben Hooper

Oct. 30 (UPI) -- A math tutor visiting the Arkansas State University's library captured a photo of an unusual patron browsing the stacks -- a wet raccoon.

Codie Clark said he was at the Dean B. Ellis Library to give a math tutoring session when he spotted the raccoon on the third floor of the building.


Clark's photo shows the wet raccoon standing between shelves full of books.

Bill Smith, the school's associate vice chancellor for marketing and communications, said there were actually multiple raccoons, and they had been spotted inside the library before.

"It's my understanding that there were probably two or three raccoons. Our facility management folks were alerted by the library staff and they came out last night and humanely trapped them," Smith told KAIT-TV.

He said the raccoons, which were released away from campus, likely ventured inside to escape the rain.

"With all the rain we have in the area, these streams that are near the library, then we have woods that are also near the library that rising water has driven some of the wild-life out. In this case, they weren't just looking for higher ground, they were looking for some higher learning as well," Smith said.


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