Man cashes in record-breaking penny pyramid for $10,303.15

Ben Hooper

Oct. 29 (UPI) -- An Arizona man who spent three years building a pyramid from 1,030,315 pennies demolished the structure and cashed in the pennies at his credit union.

Cory Nielsen, known on YouTube as the Penny Building Fool, finished his penny pyramid in the spring and had the structure, which did not include any glue or other adhesive, examined by a Guinness World Records official to verify it beat the record previously set in Lithuania, where a pyramid was assembled from just over 1 million pennies.


Nielsen demolished the pyramid after the record was verified and Monday he loaded 6,000 pounds of coins into a pair of cargo vans.

"Today, I am turning in 1,030,315 pennies," he told KSAZ-TV.

The pyramid netted Nielsen $10,303.15.

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